Creative Souls: African American Artists in Greater Los Angeles by Paul Von Blum

Creative Souls: African American Artists in Greater Los Angeles
Paul Von Blum

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Paul Von Blum's Creative Souls: African American Artists in Greater Los Angeles extends the opportunity for scholarship on African American art in greater Los Angeles. This volume focuses on 21 contemporary Los Angeles-area visual artists who have made the region a premier center for African American art. Following the format of my earlier volume, each artist has an entire chapter devoted to his or her life and work. The chapters consist of approximately 3000-4000 words and have 6 representative artistic illustrations covering the major themes and styles of each artist's career. Each chapter combines biographical content and artist analysis, focusing on the larger tradition of African American visual art from the early 20th century to the present.

These artists work in every medium: painting, murals, sculpture, assemblage, installations, photography, video, mask making, and several related forms. Together, their efforts have made powerful and enduring contributions to the cultural life of Southern California and to the nation as a whole. This volume documents their work and adds to the growing literature on African American art history and criticism.

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