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The New World African Press evolved over a period of fifteen years. Originally, it began as Elsie Mae Enterprises in honor of my own special guiding light, my late Elsie Mae Hadnot-Holloway. Later, Elsie Mae Enterprises was changed to the Boniface I. Obichere Press. This new change passed from this realm and made his transition to the afterlife in 1997.

Finally, the Boniface I. Obichere Press metamorphosed into the New World African Press in 2000. While the name of the Press has gone through several name changes, its mission and purpose have remained the same: to fill the void and neglect left by the major publishing houses; and to publish manuscripts that focus on the Diasporic World. While the press is primarily concerned with diasporic issues, it is also committed to publishing non-Diasporic manuscripts and literature.

The New World African Press list of books includes the following. Clarence E. Zamba Liberty, Growth of the Liberian State: An Analysis of Its Historiography is the first in our Diaspora series. Others include: Herbert H. Booker, The Noble Drew Ali and The Moorish Science Temple Movement; and Joseph E. Holloway, African American History: A Brief Outline, An Introduction to Classical African Civilizations, The African American Odyssey: Student’s Manual and Study Guide with Test Combined Volume, The African American Odyssey, and a novel by Joseph E. Holloway, Neither Black Nor White: The Saga of An American Family. Sakui Malapka’s The Village Boy is the first in a series of novels about Liberia. Further novels in this series are Red Dust on the Green Leaves and Brightening Shadow by John Gay. The press’ first non-diasporic work is Bach: A Fictional Memoir by Paul Guggenheim, M.D.

We hope that you will submit your manuscripts for review by the press. Please mail your mansucripts to the New World African Press, P.O. Box 7071, Porter Ranch, CA 91327


Joseph E. Holloway, Ph.D.
CEO, Editor-in-Chief
New World African Press


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