A History of Slave Resistance in the United States by Joseph E. Holloway

A History of Slave Resistance in the United States
Joseph E. Holloway

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The purpose of this new book by Joseph E. Holloway is to provide a comprehensive examination of slave resistances, including enslaved African resistance on board slave ships, and in the United States. This new book makes an important and valuable educational contribution to our understanding of how slave actions contributed to changes in the laws governing African Americans. This book makes available new information for teachers, scholars and the general public on the role that enslaved Africans played in the making of America through their struggles and sacrifices for freedom. Enslaved Africans resisted throughout the transatlantic slave trade; they resisted slavery from its inception in the New World, particularly the United States in the early 1600s to the end of the middle 1800s. Chapters: (1) Sambos, Coons, Mammies and Rebels: A Historiography; (2) African Revolts on Board Slave Ships; (3) Slave Insurrections in Colonial America; (4) Slave Insurrections in the Antebellum South; (5) Toward A Reclassification of American Slave Revolts in the United States; (6) Selective Documents on Slave Actions; (7) Conclusion; (8) Bibliography; and (9) Index.

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