The Day of Reckoning
By John Gay

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The Day of Reckoning: No More Mr Taylor is John Gay’s fourth novel, completing the family saga told in the novels Red Dust on the Green Leaves, The Brightening Shadow and Long Day’s Anger. This final novel brings the family back from civil war-imposed exile in Ivory Coast. They remake their lives as the bloody conflict concludes, leading to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf becoming the first woman President of an African nation. The four novels together give a much-needed synthesis and summary of social and economic change in a rural African society.

The brutality, savagery and atrocities of the Liberian civil war were on such a grand scale that not one inch of the country or its people was left unaffected. The characters in the story finally reached a point where they realized and we today must realize there is no victor or vanquished. Instead all must sit around the “palaver hut” and address the issues that have vexed Liberians in the past and that still vex us today.” Richelieu Lomax, World Bank.

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