The Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple Movement

The Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple Movement - 2nd Edition

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Despite the immense influences that the Noble Drew Ali had on Black Nationalism and the black nationalistic movement in North America, we know little about him because the details of his life are sketchy and incomplete at best. As a result of this lack of information, the Noble Drew Ali remains one of the most mystifying figures in all of African American history. The Noble Drew Ali was important because he redefined blackness based on identification with the Moors. His ideas and philosophy have contributed to and made possible the rise of black Messianic figures such as Father Divine, Sweet daddy Grace and many others.

This second revised edition provides additional information discovered on the Noble Drew Ali. The new edition includes a review of the current available literature with new interpretations as the Noble Drew Ali identity movement contributed to the rise of Black Nationalism and provided a foundation for the Civil Rights Movement.

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