An Obituary for Hawa Barchue

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An Obituary for Hawa Barchue, C. William Allen. Allen takes his readers on a roller coaster ride through life in his motherland, Liberia, during the years immediately before that country was plunged into a brutal and devastating 14-year Civil War. Thought the eyes and voice of his main character, Hawa, a young, gregarious single female, the author masterfully uses the reverse narrative style to explore the intricacies and challenges of urban life in a nation struggling with its own social, cultural and political identity. First published in 1983, this remake of Allenís first novel is a must-read for all who want to taste a slice of life in pre-civil war Liberia. Like his second novel, The African Interior Mission (1992, 2006) this book is offered to help fill the dearth that characterizes the state of creative fiction in Liberia.

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