Red Dust on the Green Leaves
By John Gay

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Red Dust on the Green Leaves is the dramatic story of twins Koli and Sumo born in a rural Liberian village soon to be impacted by the modern world. One remains in the village while the other attends mission school.

There runs through the book not only the structure of daily life as lived, with its cadence and intricacy, but also the emotional subtleties and the ambivalences that surround the day-to-day actualities”, Professor Jerome Bruner, Oxford University.

I am so pleased to hear that Red Dust will be reprinted! I have been using photocopies of the entire text for the past several years. I find that using a novel, which simulates the experience of being ‘thrown into’ an unfamiliar culture allows students to really come to terms with differences between the Kpelle worldview and their own. My students come to care about what happens to the characters at the same time that they develop sympathy for the process of culture change.” Mary Moran, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Colgate University.

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