JELLEMOH: A Story of the Life and Times of Victoria Elizabeth Jellemoh Grimes, A Liberian Wife & Mother
By Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman

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““Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman has left us a gem. In JELLEMOH a highly literate account of the life of a distinguished woman who in symbolizing Liberia (and Africa) fused in her experience native Africa and westernized Africa. This is a deeply personal account of the life and time of her mother presented with such contextual richness that a social history of Liberia during time frame is the product.

Rare is the genre of the biography on Liberia. Rarer still is its capture not of the widely publicized two separate Liberias, but the struggle towards a cultural hybrid. The study suggests powerfully what the real Liberian society would look like if somehow a critical mass of other such accounts could be produced—the human encounters and accommodations of cultures.”

D. Elwood Dunn
Sewanee – The University of the South

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