By Dr. DeWayne B. (Doc) Johnson

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“SPACE: A JOURNALIST’S NOTEBOOK,” is designed to appeal to a general and enlightened audience, to trekkies, space freaks, anyone with an inquisitive mind

Dr. DeWayne B. (Doc) Johnson, author of "FLYING SAUCERS: Are We There Yet?" is a retired professor of journalism at California State University, Northridge, and a retired desk editor of the Los Angeles Times. He is an award-winning journalist and a distinguished emeritus professor of journalism.

The first book, “Space for Speculation, “ deals with our expanded knowledge of the limitless universe, mankind’s increasing attempts to understand the nature of infinity, endless time, the beauties and pitfalls that await explorers in space. It is light-hearted in approach yet deadly serious in intent. The second book, “Flying Saucers: Fact or Fiction” has become something of a collector’s item. The publication is in fact two books sandwiched between two covers. Two books for the price of one!

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