Long Day's Anger
By John Gay

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Long Day’s Anger explores the Liberian Civil War through the eyes and the lives of the twins Koli and Sumo whose childhood and young adulthood are told in John Gay’s first two novels, Red Dust on the Green Leaves and The Brightening Shadow. This third novel sheds much light and understanding on the Liberian Civil War that has featured so prominently in African news. Long Day’s Anger is darker than the earlier novels because it shows how the family struggled through the horrors of the first phase of Liberia’s civil war, leading to exile in Ivory Coast. The family survives through the joint efforts and skills of both brothers – traditional and modern – as they escape the war. The novels are a must for all who wish to learn more about an African country founded by Black Americans in 1847, and suffering since then under a mixed cultural hegemony.

Will there ever be peace in Liberia? Will the conflicts in West Africa receive the attention they require? If the answer is no, the hopes of Koli and Sumo will remain an illusion and the fire next time will burn more intensely”. Dr. Byron Tarr, Liberian Economist.

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