The Brightening Shadow
By John Gay

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The Brightening Shadow continues the story of twins Koli and Sumo begun in Red Dust on the Green Leaves. Sumo establishes himself as a leader in traditional society, while Koli suffers crushing disappointments in a harsh modern world.

When I first read Red Dust on the Green Leaves, I did not then appreciate that the twins Koli and Sumo, thrown apart by the differences inherent in politics divided by discrimination and deprivation, described my Liberia. My illiterate father suffered forcible removal of labor in Spanish plantations, while his peers worked as unpaid porters and laborers for hinterland administrators. My father wanted his children educated, and to learn “government book,” and not only “God book,” so that they could integrate into Liberian society. Future generations need to understand the emotional and spiritual underpinning of this book and connect urban and rural lives as this book does.” Dr. Byron Tarr, Liberian Economist.

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